intimate wedding photographer in surrey

You and your soon-to-be spouse are playful, creative and intimate people with big dreams and endless insider jokes (the kind that nobody else gets, and is often accompanied with a silly voice or accent)!

You make each other laugh, often.

And every day after work, you look forward to snuggling up on the sofa together to catch up on your latest favourite Netflix tv show with a bottle of vino. 

You can’t wait to grow old and grey together.

When you think about your wedding day, you see the faces of people you know and love.

You imagine your favourite food, candle light, laughter and taking your heels off, walking around barefoot; dress in one hand, your man in the other. 


I grab my boyfriend's hand as soon as any display of affection rolls across the TV screen. I open up into the widest grin known to mankind when the two main characters admit their feelings for each other, my heart beats faster as they whisper 'I love you' and I whoop in celebration as they finally kiss!

Love is intimate, love is selfless and love is brave.

Spending my days photographing it... is literally the best thing since sliced bread!

I am less the teary type, and more the smiling kind. Love makes me happy like nothing else!

It excites me. It gives me butterflies. It fires me up. So while everyone else is teary eyed and nervous, I’ll be the person with the big grin, spreading alllll the sunshine :-)


You did an amazing job at capturing our wedding day! 

When we looked through the online gallery we relived every single moment of this beautiful day and we loved working with you throughout the whole process – from the first meeting to the day itself... We wouldn't change anything. Thank you!

Millie + Jonathan

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My couples are the kind who plan small and intimate weddings, full of personality and people they LOVE.

They elope in forests and go skinny dipping in the sea. They like to climb mountains and dance barefoot together in the grass. They are adventurous and passionate and can’t wait for the future to begin. 

Their photographer is their biggest investment, because they know that once all is said and done, photographs and memories are all that is left.

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Your venue is a romantic, quirky or alternative one – like an art gallery, a conservatory, a library, a museum, a yurt, a historic manor house, a countryside barn or a charming old English pub.




When it comes to your wedding flowers you're imagining something wild and messy.




If you're wearing heels during the ceremony, they'll most likely come off straight after. You're a person who loves the feeling of being barefoot and free.



You're up for sneaking out during sunset to take a breather with the love of your life for some alone time.




Details are important to you, but they aren't causing you any sleepless nights.




You want to have an intimate celebration with the people who know you and love you and are doing life with you.




Your man is your best friend and you can't wait to grow old and grey with him.


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Wedding planning can be a bit cray-cray, so let me start by giving you a BIG virtual hug. It is all going to work out–more beautifully than you can possibly imagine–and you truly have the BEST day ahead of you!

Family and relatives all love to share their opinions with you. How you should plan your day, what you "have to" do or "shouldn't" do. It can be downright exhausting. But hey, hang in there!

You do YOU. Plan a day that reflects YOU! And if you ever feel overwhelmed, I’m over here, cheering you on. 

Anything that I can do to help make things easier for you – both during the lead up to your wedding and on the actual day – I will do.

So if you’re looking for someone who will take beautifully intimate photographs of you and your man, who values connection over perfection and who can't wait to pamper you with her very best tips for planning a personal and intimate wedding - I’m your girl!

Let’s grab a coffee and talk about your dream wedding.

I'm so excited to connect with you!

Anna x