Things I love

  • Coconut mochas and green juices
  • Singing out loud with my husband! (Out of tune + with some silly moves added in) 
  • Going on woodland hikes. I love the woods! And the sea. And mountains. And open fields with tall grass and wildflowers. Basically, I love anything rural and free and nature. 
  • Rainy days and snuggling up on the sofa with a soul-gripping thriller
  • Unusual 'how we met' love stories
  • Netflix and popcorn movie nights
  • Me-time. I am a huge advocate for me-time! Bubble baths, dark chocolate, face masks, hair masks, a good book or and comfy PJ's. We all need some more of that in our lives! 
  • Baby cuddles. Not sure there's a sweeter smell in the universe than that of a newborn. *swoon*