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Some of my favourite things in life include coffee by the buckets (ideally paired with blueberry muffins, gooey brownies or red velvet cake–yummm!), hiking in nature reserves, rainy day board game marathons and the feeling of sand between my toes. 

I am a mega dog person and apparently, according to an online Buzzfeed quiz, if I was a dog I’d be a corgi. I’ve never met a corgi before. Though I guess if they’re anything like labradors -goofy and friendly with zero spacial awareness (hello constant bruises from bumping into things)- then it would be pretty spot on!

Here are some other fun facts about me:

  • My favourite TV show is Friends – I’m an early 90’s girl after all :-)

  • I could probably eat my weight in carbs. Give me all the (vegan) junk food!

  • “A small, single shot, soya mocha latte please” is my standard coffee order

If you’ve made it this far down the page, I would LOVE to get to know you. I’m going to take a wild chance and assume that you're just my kind of person!

Let's grab a coffee and chat about life and love and your greatest adventure yet :-)

Your new best friend! Anna xx