In plain English

When you get in touch to book a photography session, I will ask you to sign a copy of these terms and conditions and pay a non-refundable session retainer. At times other terms and conditions might apply – for example if you have booked a temporary or seasonal offer, purchased or received a gift voucher, or won a photography session through a competition, raffle or charity event.

Please note: Some of these details may have changed as, though I try to keep my website 100% updated, sometimes things slip through my fingers without me noticing. If you have any concerns about a contract, please refer to the one sent to you personally. Thanks!


Booking & Payment

Upon booking, the photographer will reserve the time and date agreed upon and will not make other reservations for that time and date. A non-refundable session retainer of £100 is to be paid at the time of booking to secure the session date. The client agrees if the session retainer is not paid at the time of booking, the photographer cannot guarantee to attend the session date.

Payment may be paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer or online payment. Please make cheques payable to “A S M ERIKSSON“. Please note, if paying by cheque your booking will not be secure until the cheque has cleared.

Payment for all extra items ordered must be made within 5 working days of ordering. Prices for prints, albums, digital images, mounts and framing options are available upon request and will be presented during the Viewing Appointment.

The client agrees that no photographs, digital or prints, will be delivered until full payment has been received.

All charges and additional goods specified on the booking form are supplied at the prices ruling on the date of booking. Goods not specified on the booking form are supplied at the prices ruling at the time of receipt of the order.


No amount of monies paid to the photographer are refundable unless the photographer experiences an emergency that renders her unable to provide the agreed service. 

The photographer will not refund, nor accept the return of/refusal to pay charges for, any technically acceptable photograph supplied either in print or in electronic format. No exception can be made as the photographer cannot be held responsible for individual tastes or exceptions.

Rescheduling & Cancellation

If the photography session has to be rescheduled by the photographer due to adverse weather conditions a new, mutually agreed appointment will be made free of charge.

In the unlikely event that the photographer is unable to perform her services due to a severe injury or illness, act of God, act of terrorism, or other cause beyond the control of the photographer, or in case of death or serious illness to either party or their immediate families up to fifteen days before the session date, the client agrees that the responsibility and liability of the photographer shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid and this contract become null and void.

The client agrees that in the event of cancellation by the client 60 days or less before the session date for any reasons, 100% of the session retainer will apply as a compensation for loss of income to the photographer. However, in the event the photographer is able to take another photography booking on the cancelled session date, no such compensation will be due.

The client agrees that this contract shall be deemed cancelled if all monies are not paid on time as stipulated above and the photographer shall have no further obligations to the client.

Limit of Liability

The photographer undertakes to use the utmost care and reliable equipment throughout the capturing, backup, processing and transportation of the material. In the unlikely event that digital files have been lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons beyond the photographer’s control, including but not limited to camera, hard drive, or equipment malfunction, all monies paid by the client (including the session retainer) shall be refunded in full and the photographer's liability shall be limited to this refund.

If a portion of the material is lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, then the refund shall be calculated pro-rata based on the package selected and her liability shall be limited to this partial refund.

Force Majeure

In the unlikely event of total photographic failure due to acts of God, floods, fire, injury, sickness, death or other conditions beyond the control of the photographer, their liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid. The client’s statutory rights are not affected. The photographer has full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Creative License

The photographer shall be granted a creative and artistic licence in relation to the choice of locations and poses used. The photographer’s judgement on photographic style and the number of photographs taken shall be deemed correct. Some photographs may not be possible due to changes in the weather and the availability and willingness of subjects. The photographer will do her best to honour requested photographs but do not undertake to guarantee any specific picture nor incorporate any specific background, location or group arrangement.

The photographer agrees that every effort will be made to provide the highest quality photographic services in the prevailing conditions.

The photographer is not liable to deliver every image taken at the photography session. The determination of images delivered to the client is left to the discretion of the photographer.

All images will be adjusted for exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc and the final post-production and editing styles, effects, and overall look of the images are left to the discretion of the photographer.

Reasonable photo retouching may be done on some of the images (e.g. spots removal) but the extent of retouching shall be left to the discretion of the photographer. Should the client wish for an extended amount of image retouching, then the photographer may need to refer the client to a professional retoucher, who’s fees will be covered by the client.

Personal Accident

Any directions issued to the client, their children or other family members and friends during the photography session are deemed to be at said persons own risk. The photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during the photography session.

Completion & Delivery Schedule

The images shall be available to view within 4 (four) to 6 (six) weeks of the session date. The client will gain access to an online, password protected viewing gallery in order to view the final selection of the photographs created under this contract and place an order for any images the client wishes to keep

Estimated delivery time for framed and unframed prints is 4 (four) weeks and albums 6 (six) to 8 (eight) weeks. However, the photographer shall not be held liable for any delays in the delivery of the goods resulting from reasons which are out of her control.

Copyright & Ownership

The 1998 Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act assigns copyright to the photographer. All digital negatives remain the property of the photographer. At no time shall any of the photographer’s work be copied, scanned, reproduced, saved to a computer or hard drive, shared online or printed without express written consent. This is a breach of copyright and illegal. 

The client may not, either personally or via a third party, alter or add to or manipulate a picture by means of a computer or any other technique or reproduce a picture in whole or in part as an element within, or as a montage with, another picture.


The client grants the photographer its irrevocable consent and assigns the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, to publish and alter or otherwise transmit any images covered by this contract in any medium for all legal purposes throughout the world, including for promotional, marketing and competition purposes without compensation and hereby release and shall hold harmless the photographer from all claims or liability resulting from or associated with the use of the material. This may include, but is not limited to, publication on the photographer’s website and portfolio, brochures, sample albums, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, specialised photography magazines and/or blogs and photography contests.

Storage of Images

Original digital images are kept on an active file for three months, after which time they will be subject to deletion without notice unless expressly stated otherwise by the Photographer