travel journal: West Wittering Beach

 I'm Anna Mathilda, an intimate Wedding Photographer in Surrey

I am an early 90's, free-spirited nature kid. I grew up by the beach and love the feeling of sand between my toes, seeing the ocean stretch out into the horizon. 

Today we went down to West Wittering Beach by Chichester and I think I realised how much I miss the ocean. Maybe if you're a countryside gal who is now living in the city, you might know what I'm talking about. Giddy smiles, a strange warmth in your body, an overwhelming sense of feeling at home

Don't get me wrong – I love the rolling hills of Surrey. They're glorious! Especially in their colourful autumn clothes. But there is something about the seaside that breathes freedom into my soul. I could have spent all day down there :-)

Intimate Wedding Photographer Surrey
 Intimate & Adventurous Wedding Photographer in Surrey
Intimate & Adventurous Wedding Photographer Surrey


Anna Mathilda is an intimate & adventurous wedding photographer in Surrey serving newly engaged couples who feel overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. She works with her couples to help ground them through a photography experience that makes them feel encouraged, restored, more deeply connected and even more deeply in love with life (and each other!) than ever before by shifting the focus to the beauty of their relationship, their story and the future of their married life together.