The (not so) Very Short Shorts and The Love Story That Followed

Holy Guacamole, I started a podcast!

Eeeek I am so excited! This is something I've been thinking about for a while and this morning I just thought. HECKIN YES, let's do it! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I guess it was kinda suitable to do it today of all days. Because, five years ago TODAY, Early May Bank Holiday in 2013, things were about to change for good, forever. And that's what I'm telling you allll about on the podcast today! 

Here is an extract from the podcast;

It was a sunny day, just like today. I had decided to go into London to Carnaby street to buy some shoes because, you know.. Summer was coming. I only had trainers. I needed to buy sandals! So I hopped on the tube from East Finchley where I was living at the time and went into London. I got off at Piccadilly and walked up Carnaby street. 

As I was walking, this stranger came out from nowhere and just said "Hey, my name is Alex and I saw you from across the street and I had to come up to you and say hi because if I didn't, I would spend the rest of the day regretting it. (01:18-02:14)

....and about those shorts?!

"Whenever he tells this story to anyone else, he always says 'oh well, you know she was wearing really short shorts and I only saw her legs, so I had to go over and say hi!'. I just want to get it out there, while I'm the only one talking and he doesn't actually get his say on this! They weren't that short! They were H&M's standard shorts. They weren't scandalous in any kind of way. They were just regular black shorts! 

I think it didn't help that I was wearing quite a long top which covered most of my shorts – I think it made them look shorter than they were.. But just for proof, I will upload it to my shownotes!"(04:18-04:58)

Yeah.... I decided that actually, they are rather short. I surrender. They were short shorts. 

Now I'm not sure what's worse - my skewered perception of what defines shorts as very short, or the fact that I still own a pair of them?! πŸ˜±