Snowy Surprise Engagement // Surrey

I literally got lost hiking to the location of Simon and Emily's surprise engagement. It was that awkward feeling of sweating through my clothes while freezing my toes and fingers off at the same time.

I've known Emily for a while and think of her as a close friend. So when Simon sent me a Facebook message and told me that he was going to propose to her, I got super excited! 

Then he asked me if I would be up for photographing the proposal. OHMYGOSHYESSSSSSS <— that’s how I felt. 

A surprise engagement session had been a dream of mine for a while and Simon somehow managed to pick the most amazing date for it; literally the only snowy day in England since 2012. It was u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e-!  And honestly, so beautiful.

Anna Mathilda

27. Swedish native currently exploring south east England. Self proclaimed female empowerista, mental health warrior & self-love advocate.