Quirky Engagement Session on a houseboat (!) in Little Venice, London

This is why I love my couples- because they embrace who they are and what they’re about. They aren’t afraid to do something a little bit different. For example, live on a houseboat in the London canals!! HOW COOL?! I think that was literally a dream of mine once. Then I realised it was quite the hassle not to have an address soo.. that went out the window.

But these two, they’ve pulled it off. So not only are they incredibly brave and interesting people - they are also that kind of couple that are madly in love and so clearly made for each other. The love was radiating off them and made me feel all giddy :-)


Hi, I’m Anna! An intimate documentary style wedding photographer in Surrey who ADORES alternative weddings and quirky couples! 

It’s amazing getting to be the reason why you’ll be able to look back at your images in 50 years from now and be transported back to one of the happiest days in your life–and fall in love over and over because of it.

Choosing me, I will be with you all the way from the exciting “we just got engaged!” to the meaningful “I do”, helping you with tips throughout your wedding planning journey.

And putting you in front of my camera, I use playful prompts instead of strict posing to help the two of you feel relaxed and more deeply connected to each other.

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Anna Mathilda

27. Swedish native currently exploring south east England. Self proclaimed female empowerista, mental health warrior & self-love advocate.