Making sure you look & feel beautiful when having your picture taken

Preparation = confidence

Although you can't always be prepared for someone to snap a photo of you (example: little person sitting on your lap, photographing you from the below-the-chin-up-the-nose angle with your phone), if you were to ever find yourself about to attend a photography session – specifically, a family photography session, I have one or two tips for you to ensure that you feel your most beautiful, confident and relaxed. 

"Where do I look? Into the camera? How should I smile?"

Many people (myself included!) struggle with insecurity when being put in front of a camera. Suddenly, I feel like all the attention is on me and I have to put on my best face - or this is all going to be a big waste of time and money. Other times I worry that, when I see the photos, I won't look good in any of them and it will all just be very embarrassing because surely I'm not that unattractive?! 😂

Three top tips

Here are some of my best tips, from one ladyfriend to another, on how to calm your nerves and make sure you feel absolutely fabulous. If you don't like the way you look in the photos, you won't like the photos at all. Even if your children look super cute.

1. Look after yourself

This is as much mental preparation as it is justifying splurging out on yourself a little. Why not call the hairdresser and get an update on your current hairdo. Just trimming the ends and having someone massage your scalp as they shampoo it is a bit of heaven right there. Or maybe go and buy that top you've been keeping your eyes on? Getting yourself into the mindset of looking great will make you feel great, and help build excitement for your photoshoot. If you do decide to buy a new piece of clothing, remember to..

2. Wear flattering colours and well-fitted clothes

Your worn out baggy mum jeans? Leave them at home. Put on something that is comfortable and practical (i.e. if you have a session in the woods - don't show up in high heels) such as your favourite knitted jumper and the jeans that make your bum look really cute. Something that says you, but won't distract from your natural features. This probably goes without saying but stay away from bold neon colours (lime green, fluorescent yellow, safeguard jacket orange, etc) and go for something a bit more toned down. My personal favourite is white, grey, navy blue, dusty/pastel colours. Subtle patterns can also be very cute if you're a pattern person, but be careful not to over-do it.

3. Know the person behind the camera

This is absolutely essential in order to have a successful photoshoot I believe. You need to have established some sort of friendly relationship with your photographer before your session – even if it's just a chat on the phone. You should work with people who you would be happy to sit down and have a glass of wine with :-) 

Family Photographer Guildford

A good photographer (not just an "I have a good camera"-tographer) will put you at ease and answer most of your questions before you even think of them – much because they have the experience of working with lots of people (and many people share the same concerns) but also by the way they talk and interact with you.

They will feel more like a friend than a stranger. They will be interested in getting to know who you are – both yourself and your children, and how you function together as a family. What makes you and your children happy? What do you like to do together? What is the funniest thing you ever heard one of your children say? Are you an active and outgoing family, or more intimate and personal? 

If you follow these steps, and make sure that you find a photographer who is a good fit – not just artistically but personally, you should find yourself enjoying your photography session to the maximum :-) 

Anna xx


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