I hope you're sitting down!

I've got some pretty big news to share with you :-) Things are about to change around here!

Are you ready?

Little Swedehearts Photography is closing its doors. 

The thing is, I love photographing families and children so I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon :-) But this summer has been pretty special. For one, I photographed my first wedding! And I loved it. Oh, how I loved it!!

And I've realised this is something I definitely want to do again. And again and again and .. you get the point :-) In fact, I'm undertaking a complete 'business renovation'.   

Without further ado, let me share with you the exciting news that Little Swedehearts Photography is going to be replaced by Anna Mathilda Photography. 

I want to be known as a person, by who I am and for what I can contribute and allow space for all my quirks and silly personality traits. I think I'll serve you a whole lot better if I can move away from trying to 'be a logo' to simply being me and sharing things with you more authentically and down to earth. I believe we're all uniquely made and that it's something to celebrate, not something to try to hide from. And I think we'll start to really get to know each other, on such a more personal and intimate level.

I will still photograph babies, and I will still take super authentic family photos.

I'm just moving my main focus over to weddings and engagements :-)

Soo... if you know anyone who is getting married, I'll be absolutely over the moon if you tell them about me. You have no idea! 

Anna xx