Hello Surrey!

I come from the land of a nationwide coffee-and-cake loving philosophy

I'm Anna, 25, and I'm originally from... you guessed it! Sweden—the land of Ikea, Spotify, three-point seat belts, zippers and a nationwide coffee-and-cake loving philosophy. Contrary to my Viking ancestors, I'm quite short (5'2") and young-looking. To the point where I the other day got asked in Waitrose if I 'had someone with me'. As in, an adult to accompany me. Because I looked too young to be shopping by myself. Yikes! 

I've always longed for more greenery and fresher air

My most handsome husband and I have just relocated out here to stunning Surrey after having lived together in Putney, SW London for the past 3.5 years. We both love Putney and it has been a wonderful place to live. But having grown up in a small town by the coast, I've always longed for more greenery and fresher air. And ideally a huge stretch of ocean to look out on ;-) That's one piece of the puzzle not yet solved. Perhaps a summer house in Sweden one day? Oh, that would be something! 

A big appetite for life

Apart from photographing beautiful babes and parents, I've also started dabbling with weddings and am always planning out my next little side projects—from fundraising sessions to charity partnerships to volunteering to hosting a women's social group every other Saturday.. I have a big appetite for life and like to keep lots of things on my plate :-)

Hanging with the boys

As we don't have our own children yet, I spend most of my afternoons hanging with a crew of three little boys. They are absolutely brilliant and I've been part time nannying more or less since I first moved here. I just find kids too funny not to have them being a part of my everyday life.

What makes my soul sing

What else? I am a big fan of movie nights, coffee dates and spending lots of time in church—Jesus is a huge part of my life and one that I pursue on a daily basis. I believe this has shaped me into becoming increasingly passionate about caring & providing for other people :-)