Hello Surrey!

I come from the land of a nationwide coffee-and-cake loving philosophy

I'm Anna, 25, and I'm originally from... you guessed it! Sweden—the land of Ikea, Spotify, three-point seat belts, zippers and a nationwide coffee-and-cake loving philosophy.

Contrary to my Viking ancestors, I'm quite short (5'2") and young-looking. To the point where I the other day got asked in Waitrose if I 'had someone with me'. As in, an adult to accompany me. Because I looked too young to be shopping by myself. Yikes! 

I've always longed for more greenery and fresher air

My most handsome husband and I have just relocated out here to stunning Surrey after having lived together in Putney, SW London for the past 3.5 years. We both love Putney and it has been a wonderful place to live. But having grown up in a small town by the coast, I've always longed for more greenery and fresher air. And ideally a huge stretch of ocean to look out on ;-) That's one piece of the puzzle not yet solved. Perhaps a summer house in Sweden one day? Oh, that would be something!