Family Thomas, Virginia Water

As I am driving up towards Ascot I get completely lost on the M25

My satnav gives me two different instructions as I choose one and it turns out to be the wrong one. Suddenly the satnav tells me about some "15 minutes congestion ahead". I call Charlotte straight away and explain the situation. She is very understanding and most of all, forgiving. Thank goodness!

Finally, I arrive at the Savill Gardens

I spot Charlotte and her family straight away from across the parking lot. Her girls, Sophia and Isabel, are wearing adorable matching outfits. Very autumnal and very sweet!

We head out to explore the park together

Neither one of us has been here before. There is a large lake nearby which we walk towards. On the way, there is also time for chestnut picking and squirrel-spotting. I especially enjoy the squirrel part! I really like squirrels. They are super cute!

We decide to try and find some more animals so we walk down to the lake. Maybe we will spot a fish or a bird? Sophia tells us she wants to feed the ducks but there is nothing to feed the ducks with, nor any ducks to feed at all. What a shame! But there is something in the water, something that looks suspiciously like a .. snake! But it is not a snake either :-) It is just a large floating stick with a funny bend in it.

The thrill of tree climbing

After being half-eaten alive by mosquitos we find an amazing collection of climbing trees much suitable for little children to climb. Isabel absolutely loves it! She climbs, and climbs, and climbs. "Mummy, can I get a tree in my bedroom?" she asks. Charlotte rolls her eyes with a smile.

Sophia likes it too but has a very strong will and not such a strong sense of safety, so a few tears trickle down her face as she promptly tells everyone "I can do everything all by myself" and then slips over and falls down.

A few more minutes of tree climbing and we begin to make our way back through the woods to round off the session. We squeeze in a few semi-organised family portraits and let the girls jump off a tree stump together on the count of three. "1...2...3!" and they laugh and they giggle and they shout "again, again!".


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