Family Renton, Clapham

Three-week old baby goodness

Knocking on the door I am greeted by dad. He shows me into the sitting room where mum is currently breastfeeding little Ivy. She makes soft cooing sounds and my heart melts into a puddle. 

Big brother Jack peeks out at me with his big blue eyes, showing me some of his lego toys. I sit down on the floor with him and start chatting to him about very important things – about Batman and trucks and tigers. 

Jack and I go into the kitchen (and I get major kitchen envy – I love all the details of copper, wood, white and black). Dad follows. Jack pulls out a little wooden scooter and a tiger on wheels. Dad suggests a race around the kitchen island and Jack squeals with happiness as he wins, time and time again. 

Soft winter light

We head upstairs. All the bedrooms – Jack's room, Ivy's room and mum and dad's room are flushed with beautiful soft winter light. It is an absolute dream to photograph the four of them. Jack is full of beans and Ivy just wants to snuggle. Together they make quite the pair :-) 


Let's meet in a beautiful outdoor location and allow me to capture authentic, in-the-moment photographs of you and your family.

Anna Mathilda

27. Swedish native currently exploring south east England. Self proclaimed female empowerista, mental health warrior & self-love advocate.