Family Hoppe // Nonsuch Park

Getting to know Nonsuch Park

I am walking next to Joanna, the mum of the family and she is showing me the way to a great open field dotted with trees. "Wow," I say. "I never realised Nonsuch Park opened up like this! This is fantastic!". I have been here once or twice before but Nonsuch Park is not my usual go-to park. During this photoshoot, I fall in love with it completely. It is such an autumnal park, filled with conkers and colourful trees.

Non-identical twins, in all ways

Joanna and her husband get involved straight away. Photographing them and their three little boys is an absolute pleasure. Freddy and Henry are twins but, perhaps contrary to my expectations, very different from each other. My stepdad has an identical twin – he and his brother are similar not only in appearance but also personality. Sometimes it is hard knowing who is who! But Freddy and Henry are almost like night and day. One blond and the other dark haired. One shy, one very outgoing. And little Albert, bless him, has started the photography session by clinging to his mummy and being pulled around on his little kick-bike by his daddy.

The climbing tree

A few minutes in and they all start warming up to me :-) Albert flashes the occasional smile, as does his older brothers. They all get on their bikes as we walk further into the wooded area. We discover the greatest climbing tree of all times! It even has a den! I have never seen anything quite so exciting and I think to myself "If I had been a child, I would have loved this place!".


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