A stroll through the countryside with Family Hey // Cobham, Surrey

This is a story about Lucy and her three boys.

There's Wilf, a shy and reserved little boy. There's Arlo, full of character and very chatty (whom I, by the way, totally won over because I sided with him when it came to bringing his brand new, bright red shoes with on the walk versus leaving them at home! #Nannywisdom). Then there's Simmo (aka. dad) who is Lucy's knight in shining armour.  They are so clearly head over heels in love with each other and I hope that Alex and I get to mirror their relationship one day when we have our own little family.

I asked Lucy why she wanted to have these photos taken and she said "When they (my boys) look at them, maybe one day with their own children, I want them to see how much we love them". Needless to say, it was a privilege hanging out with them and I count myself lucky having gotten to know Lucy and her family. Together they make up an eight-legged bundle full of character, kindness, adventure, smiles and warmth.

Thank you so much for this morning. We all really enjoyed it despite our initial apprehension! You made everyone feel at ease and were fab with the children! So so glad we decided to do it! Can’t wait to see the photos!
— Lucy (mum)


Let's meet in a rural outdoor location (I have so many ideas for us!) and capture a bucketload of authentic, in-the-moment photographs of you and your family. The kind of photos that has all of you together in one frame and where you don't look like you're all saying 'CHEESE' for bribes. You know, the kind of photos someone might take if they happened to spy on you on one of your good days.

Anna Mathilda

27. Swedish native currently exploring south east England. Self proclaimed female empowerista, mental health warrior & self-love advocate.