Why a family photoshoot isn't just about the photos

95% of the time, it is mums who first think about organising a photoshoot and the dad just tags along.

Why is that? Is it because the mums love their children SO MUCH they can't wait to spend all their savings and plaster the walls with photos of them smiling at the camera? Well, not quite.

Here's the thing.

It's really not just about the photos themselves. It is about the real experience of life and trying to encapsulate what is currently going on in it. 

Images have a way of bringing us back in time, in an instant, into a certain experience.

They reflect back to us emotions and feelings that we once held close to our heart; The very fabric of what made up our lives. It is nostalgic and a beautiful & timeless way of documenting growth & change.

A bride doesn't hire a photographer just so she can look at images showing how pretty her dress was, or how handsome her fiancé looked in his suit. She hires a photographer so that she can look at an image, ten years into the future, and once again feel the fluttering in her heart as she walked down the aisle, hear the music play softly in the background, smell the flowers she held in her hands and, for just a few minutes, go back to that one very special day.

New parents holding their first child, though they think she is the most beautiful thing, they want to document and remember the feeling of "We have no idea what we are doing but look at this incredible little miracle we've made!" and remember the smell and softness of her skin against theirs. 

Sometimes all of this goes on in the background

And people don't fully realise why they want to hire a photographer until months or years later when they have the opportunity to relive those very moments. I think this is especially true for families whose children are no longer babies, children who have reached the point of "I am now my own person and this is who I am going to be". 

We often feel that life is very same-same on repeat, day in and day out. There are moments that stand out, of course, but we tend to find ourselves in a certain routine. We are beings of comfort, after all. But I challenge you to think back to a time, five years ago (or even less!), and try to honestly tell me life hasn't changed since. 

Life has a way of changing slowly and subtly

Before we know it our little baby has started walking and talking and climbing trees. We realise that she no longer says "boos" for blueberries, but pronounces it properly and with confidence. Suddenly, our five-year-old has turned into a ten-year-old who not only likes football but is winning "player of the week" awards and completely smashing it. 

This is why it is extra important to take the time to document what is going on. Once things are changed, they are changed. And we can't go back to how they used to be.

Great family photographs remind us of what life is really all about.

They can give us the strength to press on in our jobs. To push through and find the motivation to deal with endless laundry loads and all the dog hair piling up in the corners.

Taking the time to organise a family photoshoot means making time to just 'be' and reconnect, making time to explore, adventure and try something new - together. Further strengthening the very thing that makes your family a family; love.

A deeper sense of happiness and contentment

When we do something new, something out of our daily routine, something that is fun and enjoyable, we feel good about ourselves and we experience a deeper sense of happiness and contentment in life.


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