A walk in the woods

You get out of the car and draw a long, deep breath of fresh air. Out here is nothing but the sound of nature; a few birds singing, crickets chirping, the wind brushing through the leaves. The sun feels warm on your skin. You walk around the car and open the doors to the backseats where your children are waiting, looking extra gorgeous today. They jump out, full of beans and excitement.

You have arrived at your photography session.


Absolutely incredible

Anna the photographs are absolutely incredible! I’ve been showing my husband, parents and aunt and uncle on holiday – we all adore them!! You have the most incredible ability to capture their personality with only having met them that morning! Thank you thank you so so much, you’re amazing!

– Gemma B.





Your family captured “through the keyhole”. As if though someone took a memory of yours and made it into a photograph. Relaxed. Real. Beautiful. Filled with emotion. A photograph that tells a tale of love, laughter and intimacy. 

Focusing on journalistic style photography I limit the number of posed and staged photographs, trying instead to highlight the in-between moments.


By the time you meet me for the first time, I'll feel like a friend of yours. One you could sit down and have a glass of wine with, share stories and talk about that one time when you found your child chomping on a snail in the garden.

This is the type of relationship I want to have with you because that's what lets me take the most intimate types of images. Images that speak of beauty not defined by magazines, but by experiences and real life moments.


So so glad we decided to do it

Thank you so much for this morning. We all really enjoyed it despite our initial apprehension! You made everyone feel at ease and were fab with the children! So so glad we decided to do it!

– Lucy H.

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What if it rains?

During the days leading up to your session I will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast. A little bit of drizzle won’t stop us from going ahead but if the weather is torrential we'll just move the session to another day.

What if someone gets unwell?

If you or someone in your family gets unwell, please get in touch at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule your session or your session will be cancelled. Unfortunately no refunds are given for cancellations.

What if our children misbehave?

The truth is if they're old enough to misbehave, they probably will! Especially in the beginning of the session when it's all still so new and exciting and it can get a little bit overwhelming. Just don't stress about it :-) We'll take a breather if we need to and encourage little doubters to relax and not worry about anything. Lifestyle photography is not about being perfectly well-behaved or posed – it's about spending time together, having fun and capturing those moments.

I don't feel comfortable in front of a camera

Me neither. Seriously, I always manage to pull the strangest faces if I'm trying to "look good". But I've come to realise that once I get used to the photographer and her camera being there, I sort of forget about it and I can relax a little.

When I'm working with my families, I tend to give suggestions on activities to do together, which really takes the focus off of being photographed and shifts it back into enjoying spending time with your family.


three simple steps


1. Send me an email

Fill out the contact form below and I'll get in touch to schedule in a quick chat on the phone. This will give us a chance to discuss the details of your session AND get to know each-other better!

2. Confirm your booking

To secure your date you will need to sign a booking form and pay a session retainer. Once your date is secured no one can get it but you :-)

3. View your images

4 weeks after the session I'll send you a link to your very own online gallery. From there you'll be able to download all the images included in your collection.


these are just gorgeous

Oh Anna, these are just GORGEOUS!!! I love love love them!! I get all teary looking at these, I just love how natural they are. Anna you are so talented and have captured the girls and their personalities so well. Thank you so so so much!

– Candice L.